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Welcome to my Blog

I am Richard Valvona and would like to share my passions and experiences about myself. I am from the UK and like to enjoy new experiences and learning new things. If you want to find out more about me, you can see this on the "About" page. This site is still quite new at the moment and I've been busy sorting out other things so please forgive me that it's lacking in content at the moment.

My experience of Bellingham - Video

I have now uploaded a video about my trip to Bellingham and what differences I've noticed here. Feel free to watch and leave a comment at the bottom! Also, I now have a second video about Woods Coffee.

Posted on Memorial Day - Monday 30th May 2016

Trip to Bellingham, United States - Sneaky peak

Shortly, I will be putting together a review about my trip to Bellingham in the north-west United States. I am here for a total of nearly two and a half months and have been here for a big chunk of that now. I would like to share with you about my two and a half month trip here in Bellingham. If you're living here, then you may be curious about the differences I've noticed between here in the States and back at home in the UK. I will be totally honest with you too about both the good and the bad points.

Dandelions Everywhere

What could be more nolstagic than seeing a clump of dandelions in the middle of field with grass which hasn't been cut for weeks?

I will always have a little bit of childhood in me. I remember blowing them when I was little and watching the pieces fly in the air and getting carried by the wind. Children are unpredictable. It was always nature's plan to take advantage of this. This is how dandelions spread their seeds to create new ones.

As an adult, I like to eat the greens of them raw. It is a true fact that you can eat the whole dandelion . I lived in a flat with a communal garden and for a large chunk of the year, these just keep on growing. Pull the leaves off, mow the lawn? They come back. This is a real blessing. The food is natural, completely organic, highly nutritious and doesn't take any work to grow. In this sense, this is real free food.

The dandelions in this picture were taken in a wooded area in the Cordata area of Bellingham.