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R i c h a r d V a l v o n a

White-Space Cleaner

Copying text from a CV in PDF format to enter it onto an online application form? Fed up with it looking messy with the spaces being doubled or converted into new-line characters? Then use this simple tool which will tidy this up instantly.

Paste your text into the top box and your tidy text will appear in the box at the bottom.

Please be aware that some characters, such as hyphens, "-", may not copy from your PDF file. What you paste into this app is what is stored in your computer's clipboard when you hit the Ctrl+C buttons.

This application only tidies up white-space by replacing all types of white-space into single spaces except for white-space containing two or more new lines. It is your responsibility to make sure that any text you enter into applications is written correctly and error-free. I accept no liability for any mistakes you make in any job-applications or anything else.